Amazon Inventory Management

This is the process of overlooking and controlling of inventory and stock in Amazon. began with just computer taking orders that were filled by others. There were no inventories, overheads or warehouses. Over time it has become the leading in warehouse and inventory management.

Amazon inventory management provides a method that is both secure and automated in uploading inventory and managing orders on the The following operations are used by the seller when using the Amazon inventory management. Great Amazon inventory management software you can find on

  • Upload Inventories
  • Generate and Download Order Reports
  • Generate and Download Listing Reports
  • Query Status
  • Issue Bulk Refunds

Uploading Inventory

Amazon Inventory management has provided the seller with ways to upload files that contain information of the product that is on sell. The product can also be added, Modified or even deleted from the site. has provided the seller with different operation modes for easy use and conveniences. They include:

  • Add/Modify/Delete. This mode is used by sellers to add an inventory and can either modify or Delete them in the future. The limit for uploading the data is 10mb per item and is one item per hour. When deleting, you must indicate with a mark as (d) on the templates. The System will automatically update to show the changes.
  • Modify/Delete. This mode is only for modifying or deleting the item and is also limited to 10mb per item, per hour. If you want to delete an item, note that you use the quantities column as the value.
  • Purge and Replace. You can use the mode if you want to completely remove the item from the listing and replace it with a new one.

How to Check the Status of the Uploaded Item

Amazon inventory management allows the sellers ask about their product on a regular basis. Each upload has a batch number (batch ID) that the seller uses to check status, correct errors on logs or fix the items. If a negative status shows on a particular item, the seller uses Batch number to fix the issue.

How to Generate and Retrieve Reports

Sellers use Amazon inventory system to request for orders and open listing reports then they download them. Try one of the best Amazon reporting systems on

Types of Reports

  • Order Fulfillment Report. This report gives information on the orders placed on the item the seller has uploaded.
  • Opening Listing Report. This report has a snapshot of the seller’s inventory containing the price and information on availability.
  • Batch Refund Report. This report gives the seller information on the status of the batch. You have to check this report to ensure the refunds were processed.